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Best Pup Friendly Hikes in L.A.

Written, with love, on: June 13, 2019

Best Pup Friendly Hikes in L.A.

It’s summertime and it means you’ve got to get your pups moving! Los Angeles has quite a few epic hikes. However, we would like to narrow down the ones that are not overcrowded, dog friendly and have the perfect workout!


Happy pups at Runyon Canyon


Runyon Canyon

Our first choice would be Runyon Canyon, Runyon Canyon has a few hiking options which is great for pups of all sizes. The total distance (If you are feeling eager for a more fierce hike) is 3.5 miles all the way around. This hike has a great view of downtown L.A. as well the Hollywood sign. This park does require pup’s to be on leashes in certain areas, but has great stopping points for your pup to get water.


@chefgabe at Sandstone Peaks
@chefgabe at Sandstone Peaks



Sandstone peaks is in our opinion one of the most underrated hikes in Los Angeles. It’s great for pups since it is closer to the ocean and not as hot as some other hikes can be in L.A. Sandstone Peak has the option of a shorter hike which is approximately two miles and a longer hike which is 6.5 miles all the way around. The reason why this hike is great is because of its epic views of the ocean! Dogs must be kept on a leash for this hike, but we believe it is worth it for the views!


@edamameandafikoman at Seascape Trail
@edamameandafikoman at Seascape Trail 


Seascape Trail on Palos Verdes Peninsula

This hike is perfect for those smaller pups who are looking to get a good workout, but do not want to totally exhaust themselves on brutal trails. This hike also has great views of the ocean and follows the ocean the whole trail way through. This will be much cooler in temperature than other desert based hikes in L.A. Which makes it perfect for smaller, and fluffier dogs who are trying to beat the heat.


@hotdogonarun at Fyrman Canyon
@hotdogonarun at Fyrman Canyon


Fryman Canyon

Fryman Canyon is considered another easy hike and is great for smaller, less active breeds to still get a good workout. This trail is known for having great views of San Fernando valley and has a low elevation gain if you are looking for a less strenuous hike. Dogs do have to stay on leash and leads into a residential area. It is a perfect peaceful escape in a busy city.


The Perfect Heed Recipe 

Heeds Grain Free Fresh Chicken and Salmon with Turkey, Peas and Sweet Potato


Hiking can require a substantial amount of energy for your pup. We recommend keeping their energy levels up by feeding them superfoods like sweet potato in our Grain Free Fresh Chicken and Salmon with Turkey, Peas and Sweet Potato in order to keep their little paws moving! Sweet potatoes are known for being rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as being able to release a steady supply of energy.

Sweet potatoes actually provide slow release carbs which are great for pups planning on hiking, or doing any form of long period exercise. Other brands of dog food say they provide energy through potatoes. However, these are typically white potatoes which can rapidly increase your pups blood sugar levels and only provide them instant release energy.

So be sure to provide your pup with plenty of energy before these hiking adventures with a packed lunch of our Grain Free Fresh Chicken and Salmon with Turkey, Peas and Sweet Potato. YUM!


Hero picture courtesy of @_a_m_e_l_i_a

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