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7 Ways A Dog Will Enrich Your Life

Written, with love, on: June 25, 2019

We all love our pups and we get to learn so many new and exciting traits about them every single day. Owning a pup can sometimes be stressful, but I think we can all agree, that the cuddling and unconditional love they share with us, make it all worth it.



Here are a few ways a pup will enrich your life even further…

1. Health Partners: Dogs are active and they need us to be as well! I know if it weren’t for my dog jumping on me every sunrise, I would hardly be able to get out of bed, let alone do an intense workout! The best part of all this exercise, is that it goes both ways. Your dog will get the daily exercise they need, and you get to hit your goals as well. Did you know adults need about 2hr & 30min of exercise per week?

2. Friends all Around: Dogs can improve your social life. Dogs need to get out and be social with other pups which gives you the opportunity to meet new friends as well. Did you know dog owners tend to be more extroverted, since they love to talk about their favorite companion?



3. Home Security: Most people don’t consider their little pups as bodyguards, but they most certainly are! Even if you have a smaller pup, they can warn you by barking, running around the house, or going crazy. Remember, pups can sense things that you may not be able to! This is a great resource for those who may get lonely or for those in cities who feel like they could use an extra security measure. Ruff!

4. Promote Responsibility: Dogs need lots of attention and care. Their health, happiness, and even lives depend on us. That’s why it is great to get a pup when you have young children to help teach them to care for another life! Not only will this teach them to be more responsible as adults, but it will also teach them to care for other living beings besides themselves.

5. Longer Lives: Owning a pup can help you live a longer, more healthy life. Studies have shown that those who own dogs are more likely to be active, have fewer doctor visits, and can monitor their stress levels better than those who don’t own a pet.

6. The Great Outdoors: Dogs get you outside. Staying inside all day can lead to more depression and more health issues. It’s crucial that we get vitamin D and put down our phones every once in a while to enjoy nature. Studies have shown that those who spend more time in nature lead more fulfilling lives. Even if you have a small dog, a little trip to the park, beach, or local trail, can go a long way for both of you.


7. Unconditional Love: Even on your darkest of days, you can turn to your pup and know they will always be there for you. It’s an almost magical relationship that some people may not even be able to get from other human contact. And that is the biggest reason dogs enrich our lives! They always have more love to give!


Hero picture courtesy of @d.giannini

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