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Transitioning to Heed: What to expect in the first 5 weeks

Written, with love, on: August 16, 2019

Happy pup with Heed

As a health-conscious person, I want to give my dog the same level of care and attention that I give to myself. So after years of feeding Milo standard store-bought kibble, I finally made the switch to vet-tested, digestion-friendly blends from Heed—and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. 

I’ll admit, I was skeptical to start. Was the kibble of old really so bad? But Heed’s promises of improved doggie digestion and overall health made me put my doubts aside and dive into a new food routine for Milo. The verdict? I can honestly say I saw a huge improvement in my pup’s health after just a few weeks of Heed, and the transitional period was not as rocky as I feared (aka no doggie diarrhea). 

Still not convinced? Read on for a week-by-week breakdown of what to expect when you transition your furry friend to premium kibble blends from Heed.

Week 1: I worried that Milo would have stomach issues while adjusting to Heed, especially since he’s been sensitive to food switches in the past. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that he transitioned painlessly. Not only did he *not* have an upset stomach, his poops were actually better than I’ve ever seen them!

Plus, the delivery process with Heed was simple and seamless. I ordered Milo’s custom blends and the package came straight to my door a few days later. The food was beautifully packaged, too, complete with a tailored bag, transition guide, extra toppers, and an easy-to-use scoop that helps me portion out Milo’s food with ease.

Week 2 : Milo continued to adjust smoothly to Heed, with healthy poops and no stomach aches. Then during the second week, I even noticed a slight improvement in his allergies. For weeks, he’d had an itchy spot on his paws that had become bald from all the biting—then all of a sudden, I noticed that it wasn’t as red as it had been. With the switch to Heed, the severity of the allergy lessened, and Milo stopped biting the spot! 

Transitioning with Heed

Week 3 -4: The bald spot from the biting? Completely gone. Not only that, but the hair in the area started to grow back. I noticed a slight reduction in Milo’s weight, too. He was lighter and more energetic than I’d seen him in a long time.

Then, just when I noticed that my Heed supply was running low, I got a notification from Heed letting me know the next bag was on its way. Instead of driving miles to the nearest healthy pet food store in LA, I took Milo to the park and waiting for our next Heed delivery!

Weeks 5 and on:  Milo continued to shed extra pounds, and once he reached a healthier weight, I reinput his data into Heed’s helpful calorie calculator to figure out a new portion. With the no-brainer portioning and to-my-door deliveries, Heed has made it easier than ever to commit to Milo’s long-term wellness. I’ve even saved money on vet visits since his day-to-day health is so much better. 

Heed helped me keep Milo on track during travel, too. I had to go back home to New York for a month, so I sent them a quick email letting them know I needed to change my delivery for a while. Heed’s customer support team was able to get a smaller bag 5lb bag delivered to my parents house in a cinch. 

With Heed, I feel good knowing that I’m giving my pup the best. And you will too. 

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