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Reem B.
Life changing

My puppy Frankie is now 1. I can’t remember the last time he was excited to eat. He is the pickiest dog EVER. Always getting bored or refusing to eat. He is obsessed with Heed foods. He runs over when he sees his Salmon bag come out. He loves the toppers the banana is his favorite. The Apple treats are genius. He’s getting a healthy treat and it’s good for his tummy. In the couple months on herd foods he doesn’t vomit, finishes his food, and his poops are beautiful!

Lisa S.
Loves the food

My chihuahua Luke love the food but picks all the carrots out! He abut picking so it may take a while for him to start eating them! He started eating the kibble the first day! Most foods I have had him try to a couple of weeks before he would start to eat!

Jax's M.
Cod, Apple and Carrots Topper

As soon as I get the bag out, my little dog comes running. It warms my heart to see him do that because he's such a picky eater, but not any more! He loves his Heed kibble and this topper seems to be his favorite. I'm so glad I found something my little boy will eat and actually likes.

Alyson R.
Alma loves

My 1-year old pup, Alma, has "elevated" taste and it has been difficult finding kibble she will eat. The Freeze-Dried Cod, Apple & Carrots sprinkled on top makes her meals more enticing. She gobbles down every bite!

Pat H.
Good eats!

Evie is loving her food!