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Tali loves it, I love it, Heed is great!

I adopted Tali in November 2019 and have been struggling to find a food that eliminates, or at least minimizes, her horrible gas. We've slowly transitioned through about 4 brands of kibble and 2 dehydrated raw varieties, to no avail. Within one day of Tali having fully transitioned to Heed, she has not had a single fart that she feels the need to bark at and I no longer leave the elevator in my building with her leaving my neighbors thinking I enjoy passing gas on the elevator. Added bonus: Heed is the first kibble I've ever bought that actually smells like real food!

Tina W.
Picky tummy trouble boy

We are now on our 2nd delivery of Heed. Nugget my 3 year old aussie has always had sensitive tummy issues which result in loose stools. Just to make it more fun he’s picky. When I received kibble I mixed it accordingly and he ate it no problem. We have transitioned but not 💯. I can say he has improved dramatically. 1) stool is firmer 2) less quantity and frequency of poop and 3) he loves it. We highly recommend!!

Better coat quality

Daisy suffers from alopecia. I saw considerable changes in her coat quality in just 1 month. I've been on Heed for about a year now and the difference is astonishing.

Nancy V.
Must try for sensitive tummies!

My pup has had tummy issues since we rescued her 7 months ago. We’ve tried multiple diets including raw, a prescription diet, grain free kibble, meal free kibbles, air dried food, the list goes on with supplements. We also had several trips to the vet for testing to see if she had an underlying disorder and nada...she just kinda always was having on and off diarrhea. Finally we decided to give Heed Foods a try— we slowly transitioned over 10 days, and now she’s on week 2 of all Heed. Her poop has been more normal than ever before, and she gobbles her food and toppers down without hesitation. It’s also super convenient with the delivery, great customer service, and super cute packaging. Don’t want to jinx it but we may have finally found the right food for our darling baby!! Thank you!!

Lynne M.
Outstanding product!

Livy loves Heed Fresh Chicken and Ancient Grains kibble. She went from having intermittent vomiting and diarrhea to no GI problems within 2 weeks. Prompt delivery.