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Peyton has always had a very sensitive digestive system. She is an extremely picky eater and any slight change in her diet can lead to severe diarrhea. But with Heed, she surprisingly had no mess switching over! AND she loves the taste!

- Peyton's Pup Parent

It's strange, but Princess seems happier. She has always been obese, but with Heed's recommended serving sizes, I was finally able to stick to her diet. She looks so much better and bounces around now that the weight is gone.

- Princess's Pup Parent

After a lot of research, I decided to try out Heed Foods for it’s healthy and tailored mix of quality meat, fruits/veg. Lily LOVES it. Heed keeps her happy and energetic. Recommend!

- Lily's Pup Parent

We just adopted Penny about 5 months ago and she became quite picky. We went through different brands of kibble and even tried mixing it with meal toppers. She always sniffed and turned away. With Heed Foods kibble, Penny will gobble it up, no questions asked! Thank you for a product that is healthy and yummy!

- Penny's Pup Parent

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Melanie C.
How likely are you to recommend Heed Foods to your friends? : 10/10
The poop really is better!

We have two young Australian shepherds--a mini and a toy. Both of them were regularly puking and having diarrhea on their previous food (vet recommended Purina Pro Plan). We transitioned to Heed over a couple of weeks, and now they are only eating Heed. Neither of them has had any vomiting, and their poops are normal and healthy.
They also have better breath. The cod topper has a stronger odor (fishy, obviously) than the others, but only when it is first served. My pups love both the chicken and the salmon kibble, all the toppers, and the apple treats.
It's only been a couple of weeks of my babies eating Heed exclusively, but I am VERY happy with this food and plan to keep buying it as long as it keeps working for my dogs!

Arleen s.
How likely are you to recommend Heed Foods to your friends? : 10/10
Great food

my doodle pup loves this food that makes me happy

How likely are you to recommend Heed Foods to your friends? : 10/10
Oliver Approved!!!

My dog was the most pickiest eater ever until I took a chance on Heed. It’s been 1 week and I haven’t had a single problem with his eating or bathroom breaks either! It’s wonderful to not have to worry about my boy getting enough nutrients and/or being hungry all day! Highly recommend!

Linda M.
How likely are you to recommend Heed Foods to your friends? : 9/10
Starter bundle with two bags of food plus 3 toppers

I am trying to reduce the fat intake in my senior dog who had elevated lipase activity in a recent blood panel. One of the foods he was eating has hisgh percentage fat, so I liked Heed kibble to mix with his Orijens senior food. THE Orijens senior and your kibble have similar %fat and %protein.my dogs also also seem to really enjoy the toppers (low fat, too).

Christine A.
Heed Dog Food and Toppers

My dogs love it all, and I have picky dogs.