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the food i’ve been waiting for !

i’ve had such a rough time trying to find the right food for my dog. she’s a very picky eater and has almost immediately gotten sick of all the kibble I’ve gotten for her. i had her on a raw frozen diet which was great at first but then she started having funky digestion and skin issues. she’s been eating Heed for a few weeks now and the transition has been great. there was an almost immediate improvement with her digestion and her skin is calming down. she also seems to really love this food and weeks later is still really excited at every meal. i think it’s great that you can change up the toppings and i think that will really help keep her interested. also not to be weird but I think this kibble smells a lot better than most of the other stuff i’ve fed her (and i always buy her nice food!) so that must be a good sign.

anyway long story short we’re really happy! also gotta mention the customer service is wonderful and the packaging is so so cute.

Danny P.
Above and beyond

Not only does my pup love the food, but the team at Heed Foods exceeded all expectations. My order was delayed by a FedEx issue, and even though it wasn't their fault at all, they went out of their way to work with FedEx and make sure the food was in the bowl by the time my boy's stomach started rumbling!


My Chihuahua mix, Lizzy, loves her new HEED food. I got the salmon for her. The tiny bites suit her perfectly. Before HEED she ate a little dry food but was not overly fond of any I bought. I cooked chicken for her daily. After her first taste of HEED she turns up her nose at cooked chicken! I feel so good about feeding her this new food because I am finally sure she is truly getting what she needs. Thank you for a superior food for my little girl.

Leah R.
The fur speaks for itself

Picky little boy will only way Heed. And his beautiful coat is proof of the health benefits. As a shih tzu that’s of upmost importance.

My dog favorite food!

Since switching to heed, my dogs lost weight, gained a shinier and more healthy looking coat, and seems to have more ‘puppy like’ energy. I trust that I am feeding my dog well with heed because of the quality ingredients and how much of a positive difference I have seen since switching.
Her favorite is the grain feed kibble with the cod, apple, and carrots topper. I love seeing how excited she gets at meal times because she knows she’s getting the good stuff!